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Astonishing Benefits of Telemedicine Services!

5 Astonishing Benefits of Telemedicine Services! | KiviCare Iqonic Design

More than 50% of hospitals in developing countries have telemedicine services. Almost 200+ existing telemedicine networks provide the feasibility to 3000+ people across rural and suburban areas. Global telemedicine services are all set to grow at 23% in 2023. Also,…

6 Effective Ways To Reduce No-Show Rate!

6 Effective Ways To Reduce No-Show Rate! | KiviCare | Iqonic Design

The quality of healthcare services is significantly impacted by the low responsiveness and irregularities from both ends i.e, patients and professionals. One prime example is the no-show rate of patients and professionals’ negligence to minimize that. The current average is…

7 Efficient Impacts Of EHR In Healthcare Industries 

7 Efficient Impacts of EHR in Healthcare Industries | Kivicare | Iqonic Design

Ehr’s growing interest worldwide creates a buzz around small or local medical practitioners. Innovative measures and advanced technologies are changing the dynamics of the healthcare industry.Today, the government, healthcare industry, and private organizations are prioritizing better healthcare services for the…

Who Owns The Medical Records?

Who Owns the Medical Records? | Kivicare | Iqonic Design

The hospitals govern medical health records. IT professionals or hackers have a high chance of getting your data breached.Several instances shed light on the topic where hacking and IT incidents accounted for about 80% of the health data breach incidents…

How To Choose An EHR That’s Easy To Use? 

How to choose an EHR that’s East to Use? | Iqonic Design

Electronic health records or medical records are no longer a luxury; they’re a necessity. Most hospitals and clinics have already implemented this practice in their institution, boosting efficiency up to a thousand times.In 2022, more than 88% of physicians adopted…

7 Simple Ways to Secure Your Electronic Health Records

7 Simple Ways to Secure Your Electronic Health Records | Iqonic Design

Electronic Health Records are a major lifesaver for patients and medical practitioners. They help a professional track record, study historical trends, and develop a healthy solution. Over the years, most hospitals have implemented the practice of taking medical encounters virtually…

6 Reasons Why EHR Implementation Fails

6 Reasons Why EHR Implementation Fails | Iqonic Design

The National EHR survey by MPI Group and Medical Economics noted that 70% of the survey participants illustrated their EHR investment as not worth the spending.A company-wide project takes months to function optimally and costs as high as 3% to…