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7 Benefits Of An EHR To Improve Quality Of Care!

7 Benefits of an EHR to Improve Quality of Care! | Iqonic Design

EHRs, or Electronic Health Record systems, consistently improve medical care by providing valuable data to the healthcare professionals at their fingertips. They support maintaining the clinical data that eventually helps make better clinical decisions.94% of providers say their EHR makes…

Is Starting An Online Clinic Really Expensive?

Is Starting an Online Clinic Really Expensive? | Iqonic Design

Ever since the pandemic began, the number of in-person medical consultations has dropped to extreme lows. One industry that took the boon was telemedicine. It continued to be one of the fastest-growing trends in the aftermath of Covid-19. Telemedicine practices…

Top 25 Questions To Ask Before Selecting An EHR

Top 25 Questions to ask before selecting an EHR | Iqonic Design

Electronic Health Records or Electronic Medical Records, commonly known as EHR are no longer a luxury. They’re more than a necessity for the smooth functioning of the clinic.You must use the right service provider to seamlessly operate your clinic and…