Doctor Assessment Streamlined!

Easily record notes, observations and prescriptions for patients from an intuitive encounter dashboard with patient encounter management.

Encounter Management

Focus on What Matters

Record Patient Problems

Note down all patient complaints in the encounter and done properly the patient safety and risk management.

Save Doctor Observations

Evaluate patients and save all your observations and symptoms for the patient's condition in Encounter Management option of KiviCare.

Save Doctor Notes

Records and save all the recommendations, suggestions and notes of patient evaluation and get the job done for patient safety and risk management.

Upload Lab Reports

Upload lab reports directly in the encounter management so that doctors can review them when needed.

Add E-Prescription

Enter the patient's prescription in encounter and email it to patients with a single click to do patient risk management. 

Generate Bill

For Every Patient Visit Easily Generate Bill, Modify It And Optionally Settle It. 

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