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9 Powerful Tools To Blast Off Your Clinic’s Revenue – Black Friday Sale!

More than 83% of healthcare professionals claim EHR helped them skyrocket their clinic’s sales by 30%. To set up a virtual clinic, you need to identify the investments, understand the product and streamline the services.
A complete clinic management system provides an overall solution to the professional regarding managing prescription order entry, patient records, clinical notes, medications, problem lists, and view lab results.
There’s a significant increase in the adoption rate of EHR Management Systems by 67%. Also, With a 79% adoption rate of certified EHR, primary care physicians are the most likely to use EHR.
4 out of 5 non-federal acute care hospitals have already implemented a basic EHR with clinician notes, and almost all have access to certified clinic management solutions.
You’ll be shocked to hear this, but more than 80% of small, rural, and critical access hospitals have implemented a basic electronic health record (EHR) with clinician notes.
Why are we stating all these facts and figures, you ask? Well, starting your clinic is a big step, and we want to make it worth the efforts you’ve invested.
You can easily set up your virtual clinic and patient management system in WordPress. Over thousands of vendors provide EHR, which is more than double what it was a couple of years back.
How to decide which one is apt for you or not?
Don’t worry, as we’ve figured it out. Here are 9 powerful tools that can help you start your virtual clinic and increase revenue exponentially.

9 Powerful Tools to Blast Off Your Clinic's Revenue

1. Appointment Scheduling Tool:

Kivicare - Complete clinic management solution | Iqonic Design
When running a new virtual clinic, appointment scheduling can be more time-consuming and labor-intensive than you might think. Though, it is a key component of an EHR system. Without this tool’s availability, your clinic will never be absolute.
The most basic step in the healthcare industry is appointment scheduling. When there is already a long line of people waiting in person, this can be a nightmare for patients. Various EHR service providers have automated the scheduling of virtual appointments with the help of technology and more efficient resources.
Customers can easily access your service thanks to real-time virtual appointment scheduling features. It contributes to brand loyalty by providing a consistent experience.
Appointment scheduling is extremely important in the healthcare industry. Patients can skip the hassle of hours and book an appointment with the ease of their smartphones in just a few clicks.
Customers want personalization and convenience. Both are provided by online appointment scheduling apps and features simultaneously.
Want to learn more? Check out how KiviCare streamlines the appointment schedules and makes the process even simpler for patients.

2. Efficient Client Portal:

Complete clinic management solution | KiviCare | Iqonic Design
Approximately 8 out of 10 REC-enrolled Priority Primary Care Providers (PPCPs) are reported to use certified EHR technology (CEHRT) meaningfully.
That’s just because patients complement their services and make them substantial to use. No one can implement the services and make optimum use of them without equivalent support from the receiver’s end. Clinic and patient management tools help an organization empower patients to book appointments, view past encounters and reports, and participate in video meetings directly from their patient portal.
To elaborate, as explained before, patients can easily book their appointments with the help of the tool. But there are a lot of other features and options that can increase authority and boost sales easily.
Patients can log in to the server and join video conferencing with the assigned doctor. (more on that later). Also, they can skip the hassle of waiting in a long queue just to lighten their pocket. Now, they can do those transactions with the ease of their smartphones.
Just a few couple of clicks, and you’re done! The invoices and receipts can be shared easily using the same platform.
Taking prescription records is a major bottleneck that doctors believe must be addressed. Doctors are also human. They most emphatically do not have a robotic memory. They are likely to need to remember important information and prescribe correctly. As a result, to avoid this happening to you. Our EHR Management System for WordPress can take notes, store encounters, and simplify the process.

3. Payment Gateways:

Complete clinic management solution | KiviCare | Iqonic Design
Office-based physician adoption of an EHR has nearly doubled from about 40% to 89% in the last few years. Why is it so? Because they’re getting paid better and faster. Serving a community or an organization is prestige but can not be solely done for livelihood. Thus, a clinic and patient management system EHR is necessary to earn daily bread and elevate the earning potential.
As a medical practitioner, you can easily Get Paid Faster With Modern Client Billing And Payments. Payment is simplified using the easy bill-generating feature. Patients can formulate their bills by themselves too. Also, they can modify it, if required, and pay the fee optionally.
The tool supports multiple payment gateways such as UPI, cards, net banking, etc. With the built-in Paypal integration, you can collect payments. Paypal is also available in the KiviCare (FREE) Plugin.
Not just that, with the premium version, you also have the ability to support WooCommerce payment gateways. A medical professional can even share the invoices over an email. Just one click, and the invoices will be sent over an email.

4. Doctor Assessment Streamlined:

Complete clinic management solution | KiviCare | Iqonic Design
Focus on what matters and what does not. Doctors need to free up their minds to focus on the next patients, but sometimes a situation can not be avoided leading to several hurdles in a consultation.
This problem is a major concern for most patients. Also, this raises a question about the integrity of the clinic. To overcome this, EHRs are the best solution.
EHR systems make life easier by storing important information like prescriptions, reports, graphs, and bills.
In the meantime, a patient sees several doctors. From a dermatologist to a cardiologist, There’s a chance that each doctor is less familiar with your reports than others. This may cause a schism between you and your respective bosses.

As a result, EHRs (Electronic Health Records) enable patients to participate in their care with all of their doctors while also ensuring that the data is up to date. EHRs ensure that every provider in a patient’s chain of care knows their medical history, current diagnoses, and any other medications they are taking.

EHRs provide patients with access to their most recent medical information, allow them to view notes or prescription results in near real-time, and even communicate with their doctors via a secure system.
EHR applications or tools can assist patients in receiving extra attention in their care. They can actively participate in the discussion and receive better consultation by clarifying their doubts and receiving a more detailed explanation.

5. Multiple Clinics Interface:

Complete clinic management solution | KiviCare | Iqonic Design
One tool for every clinic! Once you start your clinic, there’s no looking back. You can easily expand within a few couples of years or even less. Then establish multiple clinics across the nation.

Else if you already are operating multiple clinics and serving an organization, then KiviCare has inbuilt capabilities to handle multiple branches of your clinics from one system. Add multiple clinics in your tab and scale the business effortlessly. You can even assign roles to various other individuals in an organization.

For instance, if you’re the owner of your business, then you’ll be designated as an administrator by default. Now, let’s say you want your subordinate A to handle the second branch, then you have the authority to assign him as a doctor responsible for administering the second clinic.
You can monitor productivity and efficiency with the intuitive platform. KiviCare Supports Multiple Roles Like Doctor, Clinic Admin, Receptionist, and Super Admin. Doctors can even report their schedules through the app. This can also help in appointment scheduling. Patients can easily find the available slot and book an appointment.
The best part is that you don’t have to log in separately for different clinics. You can book an appointment with any doctor present in any clinic using the same platform.
Doctors in administrative positions can evaluate the clinic’s performance using reports. To aid decision-making, create every report, such as revenue and total patients by clinic.

6. Virtual Telemed Solution:

Kivicare - Complete clinic management solution | Iqonic Design
Doctors who still operate based on covid norms can start an entirely virtual clinic. About 21% of patients who have used telemedicine services say the quality of care was similar to or higher than an in-person visit.
74% of patients would rather communicate with their doctors via technology than in person. In addition, 76% of patients prioritize access to healthcare over the need for human interactions with their healthcare providers.
If telemedicine services were available, only 16% of patients would prefer to go to the emergency room for a minor ailment. Furthermore, 67% of patients said telemedicine improves or significantly improves their satisfaction with medical care.
Approximately 30% of patients already use computers or mobile devices to access their medical or diagnostic information. According to Chief Healthcare Executive, the COVID-19 pandemic reduced outpatient healthcare visits while increasing telehealth visits. Nonetheless, healthcare providers and researchers were still determining whether changes in healthcare access were affected by patient demographics and socioeconomic status.
According to a Kaiser Permanente Southern California study, telehealth services have the potential to reduce the pandemic’s impact on healthcare utilization in vulnerable populations.
With KiviCare’s fully integrated remote patient management plugin for WordPress, you can host hassle-free video consultations on Zoom or Google Meet (Telemed Addons).

7. Integrated Softwares:

Complete clinic management solution | KiviCare | Iqonic Design
Alert notifications are the best way to alarm someone about their appointments. KiviCare has a robust patient alerts and notifications system that sends important alerts and reminders to all system users, including patients, doctors, and administrators.
With the built-in triggers of this Clinical Notification Service, doctors can automatically send important alerts via email. You can also send SMS to the patients. With the help of Twilio integration, KiviCare Complete Clinic Management Solution supports SMS Notifications.
Also, WhatsApp is the most popular chat app, and you can send alerts to clients via WhatsApp using KiviCare’s Patient Alerts And Notifications System. The best way to win hearts is through personalized messages. You can do that too!

8. Multilanguage and RTL:

Complete clinic management solution | KiviCare | Iqonic Design
KiviCare supports WPML, a popular language translation plugin. It also integrates well with the widely used loco translate language translation plugin. Using any popular WordPress translation plugin, adapt the KiviCare multilingual patient care approach to the language of your choice.
Better care, better service.
Set up KiviCare in Arabic or any other language where RTL orientation is required. You can also switch between LTR and RTL modes with ease.
No obstacle can now stand in your way!

9. Powerful Settings And Style Customization:

Complete clinic management solution | KiviCare | Iqonic Design
The settings tab allows you to control every aspect of the system. Change the site logo, loader, colors, copyright text, date format, and other settings.
You are the owner! Lead the change and take this as your canvas. Ensure the UI is intact and the consumer gets the best experience. Brand loyalty is developed based on the experience that we provide. Make sure it’s the best!
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