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Introducing KiviCare Razorpay Add-On! Get Smoother Transactions. 

KiviCare is a meticulously designed EHR solution for clinic management on WordPress that helps you optimize the processes and drive results well-structured and comprehensively.
With over 30,000 downloads and stellar customer reviews across globally recognized review websites, KiviCare has established itself as the #1 clinic management solution.

With a one-time payment and lifetime updates, you can start your virtual journey using KiviCare

An Overview!

The cure for your clinic’s ailments! With this mantra, this self-hosted EHR solution eliminates the daily hassle and provides a seamless journey for patients and medical professionals.
KiviCare makes it feasible to book appointments online, maintain patient records, note doctor’s prescriptions, store information regarding dedicated clients, send notifications and reminders, communicate via telemedicine, and generate billing and invoices.

KiviCare's Insightful User Dashboard

User persona that defines itself! KiviCare ensures that all the necessary information related to your clinic is summarised in an intuitive dashboard.
Whether you’re managing a bunch of clinics or your privacy practices, you can always use this advanced tool to integrate your business with other milestones.

KiviCare’s dashboard summarises the total number of patients being diagnosed at the moment, the number of doctors, the number of appointments, and the revenue generated so far.

It also accounts for the total number of appointments taken during the week.


To keep a track of all the appointments, whether past or upcoming, this tool sorts them out and provides flawless management.
All the appointments will carry information related to the patients, such as their name, services acquired, charges incurred, payment mode selected, status of recovery, and point of action.
Doctors or clinic management incharge can add an appointment too from their end apart from the patients. To strengthen this platform, doctors can filter out a few appointments based on the dates, clinic, patient, doctor, and status.


Encounters can be simply described as encapsulated medical records or data related to the patients. For instance, their beneficiary ID, claim type, organization provider number, dates of services, and much more.
Similar to appointments, you can define the status, appoint a doctor, name the clinic and explain the actionable.


With this clinic management tool, you’re not restricted to just one. You can handle as many clinics as feasible on your end.
If you have a bunch of clinics to manage based on their specialization, then KiviCare is the best tool to align them all in one dashboard.

Billing Records!

Bet you’re going to love it! An ultimate user daard to monitor all the revenue streams and get an overview of the business. By entering a set of information into the panel, you can monitor the payments, take insights, and update the status.
This is one of the best measures to define your clinic goals.
You can also view reports from all the clinics on one dashboard, maintain user information and measure doctor sessions.

How's KiviCare Different Than Other EHR Solutions?

KiviCare helps an entrepreneur to understand the flow better with advanced technology, a user-friendly interface, and overcoming perpetual problems. It is an industry-driven tool that caters to thousands of individuals and sincerely maintains all the records essential for a clinic.
KiviCare provides more than just the essentials to run a clinic. You can avail of various add-ons to make the process smoother and more efficient.

1. Go Fully Virtual with KiviCare’s Telemed Solution

With KiviCare, you can connect with patients via Telemed solutions It’s easy to use It is easy to use, even for non-techies. Now, they will be able to schedule an appointment for video consultations with the doctors from the respective websites and begin the video call right away.
You can pay online with PayPal or any gateway that supports WooCommerce to give you more options. The first is zoomed element integration, and the second is Google mid-integration add-on, so you can pick according to your preference and try animate live.

2. KiviCare Flutter App: Your Clinic is at Your Fingertips.

To better serve their patients, clinics and private practices must-have mobile apps in this modern era of healthcare With KiviCare mobile app, you can carry your clinic in your pocket.
The app supports three different roles: doctor, patient, and receptionist. Doctor can check their upcoming appointments, set their schedule and services, enter their notes and prescriptions, and begin a video call through the telemed service.
Patients can schedule new appointments, check records and histories of their reports, make online payments, and the receptionist can manage all patient visits using the mobile app.

3. KiviCare Bundle: Everything You Need to Start a WordPress Site

Three things are needed when starting a modern day clinic or practice. Professionally designed EHR software for clinics and Telemedicine systems for online consultations. The KiviCare WordPress bundle is the perfect solution for new practices.
There are over 20 pre-designed pages in this WordPress theme. The KiviCare Pro EHR system will then manage your patient records, doctor notes, and online payments. Lastly, the Zoom and Google Meet telemed add-on will seamlessly integrate with your system to provide online consultations.

Finally! Razorpay Payment Gateway (Add-On)

With the Razorpay Payment Gateway Add-on for KiviCare, you can easily accept payments with simple steps and secure transactions.
  • Easy Installation
The Razorpay WordPress Plugin integrates seamlessly with KiviCare or any clinic management system. It’s as simple as installing the plugin and following the instructions.
  • Intuitive Settings Panel
Add API Key and API Secret to the settings panel to connect KiviCare/complete clinic management solution to your Razorpay account.
  • Smooth Integration In Booking Form
The Razorpay Payment Gateway Add-On automatically adds Razorpay as a payment option to the booking form after installation.
Users love KiviCare! There are 30,000+ downloads already. When are you planning to start your virtual clinic? Take a live demo today!