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Time to Level Up! – Why KiviCare Pro is the Ultimate Upgrade, Explore The Premium Perks Of KiviCare Pro!

Are you using KiviCare’s free version and wondering if upgrading to KiviCare Pro is worth it? The answer is a resounding yes! KiviCare Pro comes packed with exclusive features that can significantly enhance your experience and streamline your clinic management processes.
But first, let’s go deep into what KiviCare has given you so far with its free clinic management WordPress plugin and how you can get more out of the Pro version.

What You’ve Already Liked, But Why Not Get More!

We offer a wide range of features that make healthcare management a breeze. KiviCare’s free version is a free clinic and patient management plugin which is a great starting point for healthcare providers who want to try out the platform before committing to the pro version. Get a closer look into what you’ve already been using so far and how it has helped you:
Online Appointments
How to Automate Your Appointment Booking in 2023? | I KiviCare
KiviCare’s free version allows healthcare providers to manage their appointments online. This means that patients can book appointments with their doctors through the platform, and healthcare professionals can manage their schedules from a central location. The online appointment feature is easy to use and saves time for both doctors and patients.
Client Portal
KiviCare’s clinic and patient management system in wordpress includes a client portal that allows patients to access their health information online. Patients can view their medical records, lab results, and other important information from anywhere with an internet connection. It is secure, and patients can be assured that their data is protected.
Encounter Management

Our free version also includes encounter management, which allows healthcare professionals to manage patient visits efficiently. You can document patient encounters, including the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up plans. This feature is easy to use and saves time for doctors.
Online Payments via PayPal
We allow healthcare providers to accept payments online through PayPal. Patients can pay for their appointments and other services online, which is efficient for both doctors and patients. The online payment feature is secure and easy to use. With our ehr management system for wordpress, you get this feature too!
Doctor List, Schedule, and Services
KiviCare’s doctor patient clinic appointment plugin wordpress allows healthcare providers to manage their doctor lists, schedule, and services online. You can add new doctors, manage their schedules, and update their services from a central location. This makes KiviCare a complete clinic management solution for people’s needs.
Patient Records
Our free version includes patient records too, which allows healthcare providers to manage patient information online. You can view patient records, update them, and add new records. The patient records feature is easy to use and saves time for healthcare professionals, patients, and clinics in general.
Custom Fields for Forms
As you already know that our free clinic management WordPress plugin includes custom fields for forms, which allows you to customize their forms to capture the information they need. Anyone can easily create custom forms for patient registration, medical history, and other purposes. The custom fields for forms feature is simple to use and saves time for clinics.
Email Notifications
Yes! The free version also includes email notifications, which allow healthcare providers to send notifications to patients and staff members. Doctors can set up email notifications for appointments, reminders, and other purposes. It’s efficient, it’s hassle-free, and it acts as a great reminder… What do you want more?

Pro is the way to go! - Upgrade Your KiviCare Experience

At KiviCare, we believe that upgrading from the free version to Pro is like unlocking a treasure chest full of valuable gems. With KiviCare Pro clinic and patient management system ehr , you get a plethora of powerful features that will make your healthcare management journey a smooth sail. And that also at just $59! So, come on board and let us show you what treasures await you with KiviCare Pro!
Here are some details about what you get when you upgrade to KiviCare Pro:
Multiple Clinics Setup:
Complete clinic management solution | KiviCare | Iqonic Design
With KiviCare Pro, you can set up and manage multiple clinics from a single dashboard. This feature is especially useful for healthcare professionals who operate in different locations or have multiple practices.
WooCommerce Payment Support:
Our Pro version comes with WooCommerce payment support, allowing you to accept payments from patients online. This feature enables you to automate the payment process, save time, and reduce the chances of errors in billing and payment.
Advanced Styling:

Our clinic and patient management system in WordPress offers advanced styling options that allow you to customize your clinic’s appearance and branding. You can choose from multiple color schemes, fonts, and layout options to create a unique and professional look for your clinic website.

Google Calendar Integration:
With KiviCare Pro, you can integrate your Google Calendar with your clinic management system. This feature allows you to schedule appointments and manage your calendar from a single platform, streamlining your workflow and saving you time.
RTL Support:
Yes! KiviCare Pro also comes with RTL support, making it easy to translate your website and clinic and patient management system ehr into languages that read from right to left. This feature is especially useful if you serve patients who speak languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, or Persian.
Our clinic and patient management system EHR offers advanced reporting features that allow you to track your clinic’s performance and analyze patient data. This feature can help you identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimize your clinic’s operations.
5 Website Usage:
With KiviCare Pro, you can use the theme on up to 5 websites. This is a great feature for healthcare professionals who have multiple clinics or practices and want to streamline their online presence.
Vue Js Source Code:
KiviCare Pro also provides access to the Vue Js source code, allowing developers to customize and extend the theme’s functionality as per their requirements.
Premium Support:
Last but not least, KiviCare Pro comes with premium support from the KiviCare team. This means that you’ll have access to a dedicated support team that can help you with any technical issues, questions, or concerns you may have.


Upgrading to KiviCare Pro-complete clinic management solution is not only beneficial but also required if you want to take your clinic management to the next level. And the best part is… You get all of this at just $59! The exclusive features and advanced functionality of KiviCare Pro can help you boost your workflow, save time with efficiency, and enhance your patients’ experience.
So, don’t wait any longer; upgrade to KiviCare Pro today and start reaping the benefits!